Where to Mine


Outdoors only.

🚞 You should always be outdoors when Mining. This can be on rooftops, on top of bridges, street level, open air malls, or similar, as long as you’re physically outdoors. We are actively exploring indoors in the future.

Center of RealityBlocks

The exact center of hexagons is generally the ideal place to take panorama shots to have distributed coverage of an environment. However, where there are physical barriers that make mining the center of a hexagon impossible, we recommend Mining in different parts of the hexagon.
Roads - When a hexagon overlaps with a road, take a photo from the divider of the road for the best 360º perspective. However, this is not always safe or feasible. The second best option is to take a photo from the edge of the street (i.e. edge of curb or street parking dividers, whichever is closest to the street).
Intersections - When a street intersection is in a hexagon, capture the intersecting point between the two roads. Intersection can vary from a traffic light, stop sign, or unmarked intersection where a parking lot street enters a main road.
In general, try to capture panoramas with the longest line of sight possible. Try to avoid being too close to large objects that will block the view of the surroundings like walls, cars, trees, etc.

Vantage points

Certain locations have multiple scenes that can be captured from a 360º panorama. For instance, on the edge of a bridge walkway you capture the bridge and the scenery below. On a balcony or terrace, you capture the building and the overlook. In any of these spots, start the panorama closest to the edge as possible and begin the rotation.