How to Mine - 📱App

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RealityMaps is currently in private beta. New users can request access by joining the Waitlist on our website. We admit users on a weekly basis.
When RealityMaps enters public beta, it will be available on iOS from the Apple App Store and Android from the Google Play Store.

View RealityMaps

  • Miner View
    You can view the Panorama Credits rewards for mining RealityBlocks in this screen. Light green means there is a reward. No color means there is no reward available.
  • Ownership View
    Gray hexagons are inactive. RealityBlocks that are inactive can be upgraded by the Explorer (first Miners) and Visitors (anyone who has Mined that hexagon). RealityBlocks with icons are Level 5 and owned by someone.

Mining with your Smartphone

Walk into the hexagon that you want and wait for the GPS to update location to your desired spot. Press the “Mine Location” button and hold the phone perpendicular to ground in the portrait position.
Next, press the Camera 📷 button and walk around in a circle ⟳, while pointing your phone to the center/middle of your circle path. Here's a demo:

Device Support

RealityMaps is supported on most modern smartphones. The app’s ideal camera settings are 30 frames per second (fps) video from the ultrawide camera sensor.
There are optimal devices that provide better image quality than others. From Apple, they are the iPhone 12 series and above. From Android manufacturers, Pixel 6 and Samsung S21 or newer devices are preferred.
Other devices are also supported, but may lead to suboptimal quality renders and views. We require gyroscope for all devices and Android's OS must be on version 10 or higher.