Blockchain Support

RealityMaps is community created and owned, and we intend to establish ownership and transaction systems that are transparent, immutable, and secure. We envision migrating manys, or all segments of the RealityMaps platform to public blockchain networks. To communicate our intentions, we’ve developed a framework for identifying the time and place for this migration.
Our holistic framework includes:
  • De-risked RealityMaps roadmap to create economic value
  • Maturity of Layer 1 protocols
  • Cost effectiveness of Layer 1 protocols
  • Rebounding interest in web3
Many altcoins and X-to-earn platforms’ value go up by transferring wealth from later players to early ones. We fundamentally view this as unsustainable and can be solved through created cash-flow generating business. Our exit criteria is clear pathway to monetization of RealityMaps.
Uptime, reliability, and security are paramount for enterprise adoption. Popular Layer 1 chains catered to developers like Polygon and Solana have had outages take down applications and ruin the experience for users. Additionally, security threats are commonplace because attack vectors are regularly emerging. We want to see standardized, open SDKs and a track record of Layer 1 chains successfully meeting top tier service level agreements (SLAs).
RealityMaps is a global product and already has data collected from dozens of countries. As we continue to scale, we require a public network(s) with the proven ability to support billions of transactions and ownership references. Layer 1 networks like Ethereum have variable gas fees that have been as high as $100+ per transaction, which is a significant headwind for long-term user growth.
Web3 products are still in the early days of development. Many participants thus far have been speculators rather than organic or intrinsically motivated users. We’d like to see proven applications in DeFi and GameFi where we can integrate best practices as do our launch.