Letter from the Founders

My name is Alex! I’m a real person, I promise (LinkedIn, Twitter, Discord). Two years ago, I was working at a major tech company — bored, work unfulfilling, and tired of seeing my ideas in the newest artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms taken advantage of by leaders who only aspired to make more money. The company didn’t care about our people, partners, or, even, customers. I felt a deep tension in every bone in my body. I’m a social person who loves software and socially impactful businesses, so I left.
I believe that technology’s supreme purpose is to promote a more prosperous and positive world. Yet today almost every tech service is controlled by a single company, with rarely anyone doing proper checks and balances. That’s why people have no say in this classic, web2 ecosystem.
We can change that — come join me. Come be part of a mission to build the most valuable digital asset of all time: the world. When you get access to RealityMaps, you’ll be able to build and explore the 3D metaverse of the real world with us. We’re going to use this map for better urban planning, games, AR/VR experiences, and more. The best part is you can influence our direction through the community. Not to mention also benefit financially when enterprises use the data. We’re partners with all of you!
To get your download link, you need to be in our Discord and wait for a slot. We add seats weekly and approve people who are waitlisted and in the Discord. I promise we’re onboarding people as fast as we can!
If you love our mission, please consider inviting your friends with this link. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.
Alex from Reality Platforms
September 29, 2022